6-C-2: Skype Ideas

As stated in the course, “One of the main ideas of connectivism is that we learn through our connections with others.”  Using Skype or other video conferencing is one way that does just that.  We are no longer limited to learning from those sitting within the same classroom.  Today, students and teachers can connect and build relationships with others from around the world.  The connections are limitless.  I can easily Skype with another Algebra I teacher that is working in a different state or even country.  We can share, compare and contrast teaching methods, resources, and techniques.  Same is true for my students.  How fun would it be to do a co-teaching lesson with another classroom in Spain!  For online schools, video conferencing helps to make the lessons more personalized by seeing and hearing one another.

In my classroom we do not use Skype but another video conferencing technology through our learning management system.  Essentially, they are very similar however only families enrolled in our school have access to use it and therefore making it safer for students.  One way I would like to use the video conferencing is by bringing guest speakers into the classroom to help connect and motivate students in math.  I also think that co-teaching with another classroom, bricks-and-mortars or online, would be very beneficial for the students, too.  The more connections that I provide to my students, the more I hope students will grow within content, technology, and necessary personal and educational skills.


4 thoughts on “6-C-2: Skype Ideas

  1. What I like about the idea of using Skype, Facetime, or any other video conferencing software is the ease of use and the ability to connect with anyone that also has an internet connection. As you stated, you can connect with another classroom or with a guest speaker anywhere in the world. More connections may improve student performance and motivation, especially if the student feels a sense of ownership to the learning. It allows a classroom teacher to literally open the door to the world for students. As I wrote in my blog post about italki, http://dareng.wordpress.com/2014/07/11/learn-to-speak-using-italki-6-c-2/, we may one day have this type of web site for any subject that one wishes to learn.

  2. I agree that you will be making wonderful connections for your students. I think you will really motivate your students through Skype. I really like how you suggested using Skype in Math. I feel like math often gets forgotten about. I think this is a great idea and would be a nice change of pace especially for math.

  3. I really like the idea of a tool where you can limit those that have access to it. Having students hear about others that use math in different ways would be a great learning tool. My brother would not be studying Actuarial Science if it wasn’t for a Math guest speaker.

  4. Skype offers many engaging and enriching opportunities for classes via an easy connection. It is a way to spice up lessons and meet the needs of multiple intelligences. Skype is in real time so that means it is always up-to-date! It can offer students chances to see how academics can be used by others on a daily basis. I agree that it can be motivating.

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